Peaches in Nylon
Fetish Friday

More Wet Satin


Penny Lee

British / Brighton
10:43 min - Nov 08 - .MP4 - 242.21 MB


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Custom Video.. Well Penny has another treat for you,what is under her towel? Her sexy red satin dress just for you. She wants you to wank your cock hard for her as she teases you in this sexy satin dress encouraging you to wank. She climbs into the shower and gets the dress nice and soaking wet for you. Showing it off as you wank for her. She shampoos up her dress too making her dress all soapy. This isn't enough for you she has more to show you..another satin dressbluie this time. Making it nice and wet and shiny for you. Your wanking hard for her and she encourages you to cum for her. Giving you a count down for you to explode all over her