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One Shoe Weekend - Luna Lain WMV

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This was a custom and if you would like to have your own, email me at LunaLainModeling at g m a i l dot com <BR><BR> Do you notice anything different? I only brought one shoe for the whole weekend because you mentioned liking it. If we stay inside, it should be ok unless we go to a restaurant that requires both shoes or I have to hop outside in the rain. I balance on one foot to keep the ankle socks clean but let the soles get dirty. It's fun to pull the back of the elastic and have it snap to my heel. It's a cute fetish that I don't quite understand, but it lets us stay home together. Although I did drive over here with just one sneaker. It was tempting to bring multiple single shoes, but you love these sneakers, so I brought these dirty white Converse. Do you like how I model my feet for you? Pointing and stepping from foot to foot, I love your admiration! <BR><BR> OTHER KEYWORDS- converse sneakers, sneaker fetish, socks, cocktease, dirty talking, dirty talk, foot fetish, shoe fetish, foot tease, shoe tease, foot worship POV, foot play daisy dukes, denim shorts, dirty socks, GFE, girlfriend experience, Luna Laine, Luna Lane, redheads, red hair, all natural, @LunaLainXX