Commander Josie Squashes You HD

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American / Wonderland
45 5.0
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Welcome to the final portion of your training, maggot! If you want to advance and be welcome among my ranks then you need to excel at the challenges I'm going to throw at you in the final test. If not you will truly be a little maggot and I will have no problem squashing you. I mean it. After explaining I only take the best in my unit and that those who fail will be punished. I will treat you like the tiny worthless maggots you are. Unfortunately you come back as a failure but that isn't all. You wake up in the palm of my hand, shrunken down like a real maggot. I tell you that I spiked your water with something to shrink you since you failed to complete the training and test to my high standards. You are such a loser and losers get put down. I set your worthless maggot ass on the ground and crush you beneath my black pumps. HD MP4