The Witch Who Wants My Body



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Sophia walks in, straight from the gym to her new home that she bought cheap. She goes through her mail, and finds a letter from the previous homeowner, which says that the house I just purchased is haunted by a witch who is searching for a body to inhabit. She is looking for the ideal body, which will enter through the butt, then travel up the spine, entering the brain and erasing all memories and consciousness of the victim. Sophia laughs and puts the letter aside, but suddenly she hears a noise in the house. It sounds like the floorboards are creaking from someone approaching. She calls out "Hello, who's there?" But sees no one. She starts to walk to the kitchen but finds her legs seize up, she cannot move her feet. She thinks she just worked out too hard and her muscles are strained, so she tries to relax, but she hears the creaking again and starts to panic. She says, "My feet have taken root!" She can't move her feet at all, and she is totally helpless. Suddenly the ghost rushes at her, and tries to enter through her butt, and she screams in horror. The scene cuts out to Sophia tied up with purple bonds. Her hands are tied behind her back, and her waist is tied to her ankles. She still can't run away, and now her movement is restricted even further. She pleads with the ghost, and wriggles, trying to get away. The camera focuses on her ass, moving in her bonds, trying to escape, to no avail. The ghost makes another attempt to enter Sophia's butt, who can feel the presence, and screams again. Finally the ghost is successful, and Sophia's big butt quakes and shivers uncontrollably as her voice shudders eerily. Now in possession of a highly suitable and sexy body, the witch is satisfied. She unties the rope and looks into the camera, saying "I never thought I would get such a sexy body" and her irises are bright red and horrifying. She smiles. She slaps her new ass, saying, now it is time to find a man, and heads for the door