sticky lollipop holes/wetting my shorts



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let's see here what disgusting stuff did babygirl get up 2 this timeeee... -- i guess ur favorite filthy teenie cunt was 2 lazy to find anything bigger then a lollipop... no dildos 4 me this time just good old licky licky sticky stickyyyy -- im showing off* an adorbz set of matching panties n training bras (i got a BUNCHA them in different colors but the greens my fave) -- um i gave u guys plenty of ass 2 mouth and ass 2 cunt, that lolly tasted half lik cotton candy n half lik babygirls asshole. -- had 2 pee a the end and couldnt resist putting on a lil show so i wet my shorts for ya -- as usual i drooled on myself a lot but this time its suuuper sticky BLUE cotton candy drool.. sticky tittys yallll *i actually did alot more showing off earlier when i took a detour 2 my back yard in the yellow one's!!!! i did a couple ass wiggles when i saw creepy old guys walking nearby... message me on tumblr for more details if you're interested in seeing me get nasty in public, maybe we can negotiate something