The Price is Everything



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You desperately want to join our all female coven, but like for all men throughout history who wish to join our exclusive circle there is a price. No man may enter the circle of the Goddess unscathed. You have to give up your most precious possession. You have been preparing, locked in chastity for what seems like forever. Your ass trained. Your mouth used. Your back flogged. You've been the novice supplicant, hungry to prove yourself to incarnations of the Goddess. As the High Priestess of the coven, it is my duty to complete the ritual and initiate you. I take my athame from the altar, it is ancient and glows with dangerous power. I'm dressed in sultry velvet and fishnets, and you feel weak in the knees. I explain your new role in the coven, that from henceforth you will be female in the eyes of all witches and the Goddess. You will be offering your balls to her, and I will lick the knife clean with pleasure. Our lesbian coven will tolerate no males, and you are a willing sacrifice, although you are terrified. I offer my huge dick for you to suck, jamming it down your hungry throat. You've come to love this. One of the girls. Soon you will join the orgies with the rest of the female witches...and this gets you through, even if you don't have balls anymore, you will get to serve our pussies and get fucked by our cocks, which is almost all you crave now. You want to please us...desperately. You're a craven slave. I make you kiss the knife and seal your fate before unlocking your chastity. I'm disgusted and angered by your erection and I make you tie up your balls to function as a tourniquet. I fuck you missionary, like a girl. Then I slash mercilessly at your balls, smiling with sadistic madness as I pound your bitch-hole and your bl**d acts as lubricant. I lick the knife as you begin to black out. Then I say I'm going to cauterize the wound. I reach for a ritual candle and burn your flesh, we smell it sizzle and perfume the air, you're briefly awakened and you begin to drift off into sweet oblivion yet again