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Candy May

French / PARIS
1,235 5.0
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DrVenture28 - Top reviewer Nov 15 2017
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Strap in cause this video is almost 40 minutes long... It's alot to swallow (pun intended). I love the how yall do your own version of John Stagliano's butt videos, great minds think alike and watching a woman walk around is always a great thing. I am so impressed by your work, whether its a handjob video with jewelry or a full blown 40 minute scene you two always get all the small details just right and just perfect. I'm impressed how you handle his dick, I like watching women who can handle big dicks without a problem... without fake moaning and screaming... and you can handle a big dick just fine with a smile on your face. I love it. AND I love those shoes you are wearing in this video!

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