Peaches in Nylon
Fetish Friday

Tickle Fight with Violet October

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Violet and I are cuddling. My hands start to roam, but she stops me saying her skin is a little sensitive. Like, how sensitive, I wonder? I try again out of curiosity and she start to laugh and wiggle. Ah-ha! Me-thinks Violet is a little bit ticklish. I can't help it and I tickle her some more. Soon it's erupted into an all out tickle fest. She's rolling all over the bed, laughing and struggling. Until she decides to tickle back. It's Tickle War 3 as the two of us go at it, laughing and struggling. Finally an uneasy truce is called. We're out of breath, exhausted, and all tickled out. There's tickling of arms, bellies, legs, and of course, feet