Sis In Law Wants Halloween Impregnation

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Your sexy sister in law as lured you into a side room. She knows you are hosting a Halloween costume party with your wife, her sister, but she wants to talk to you. She has seen how you have been checking her out in her slutty cheerleader costume all night and that is what she wanted. She confesses that she wants you in the worst way, and for a very good reason. You have knocked her sister up many times now and she has yet to get pregnant. So, knowing how potent your cum is, she wants you to put it deep in her pussy so she can have a Halloween pregnancy. When she sees you are into the idea, she tells you to get naked. She then starts to go over all the ways in which you can knock her up. She takes off her panties and tells you that you can fuck her doggystyle and then she lays on the couch and spreads her slutty legs telling you that you can fuck her that way too. No matter what, it will be a secret between the two of you. She then starts to talk about how it will be when she is pregnant thanks to your seed. Her already big tits will swell up huge with milk and her belly will get so big. She puffs out her belly big time to show you what it will look like when you knock her up. She wants you cum and she wants it now. She then talks about fucking you when she is pregnant. She will want to keep you sexually pleased and when she is no longer pregnant, she will want you to knock her up right away once again. Her sister will be so happy, but will have no idea that it is actually her own husband who is fucking his seed deep inside her over and over again. So, go ahead and give her what she wants, a Halloween impregnation. Included in this clip: Impregnation Fantasy, Taboo, Halloween, Costume, Cheerleader, Knock Me Up, Posing, Dirty Talk, Big Tits, Bloated Belly, Milky Tits, Pregnant, Pregnant Belly, Get Me Pregnant, Sister In Law, POV, Sister of Wife, Blondes