Buttplug instructions for GF

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578 4.0
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Privaatidee Nov 15 2017

Coquine Kokuine !!!

WendyTG Dec 8
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Good erotic instructional video. You look very feminine. Nice red nail polish. Your voice volume is a bit low and I would have liked to see the plug/dildo outside and you insert it in yourself to demonstrate and so we can imagine the full length inside you (knowing exactly what it looks like and watching it go inside you and imagining it inside you is all part of the enjoyment in watching you).

Recorded a really fun video for a girlfriend of mine who was about to try out her first buttplug that I want to share with y'all. Watch me show off my plug and bounce up and down on it, getting very wet, as I guide you to play with your own plug. Go slowly now, I'm going to need you to get lots of practice with your plug before you're allowed to cum