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Med School Interview

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theaubster - Top reviewer Nov 5 2017
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Another amazing roleplay by Sydney! Awesome camrea angle on this POV too. Just all around wow!

I am a highly qualified canadate for a prestigious medical school. You, Professor Clayton, are interviewing me. We go through the basic interview process and I list my highly impressive achievements- However, you do not seem impressed. I decide to add one more thing to my resume for further consideration... I ask if it seems a bit warm in your office as I unotton a few of my top buttons of my shirt. You seem intrigued... I strip down and tell you to do the same. I want so badly to be admitted to this medical program. I ask if you have a condom because I'm not on the pill. You say that you do, but When I go to sit on your fat cock, you are not wearing one. At that point, I don't even care, as it feels so good. I ride you as my tits bouce and I swivel my wide hips. I then ride you reverse cogirl, asking you to pull my hair and fuck me harder. I stradle you once more before I beg you to cum inside of me. I tell you that I look forward in attending your university as I get dressed and thank you for your time before leaving your office. *THIS IS A POV ROLEPLAY VIDEO, YOU WILL NOT ACTUALLY SEE ANY PENETRATION