Bobbing For Apples

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236 5.0
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yourboy Nov 1
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Easiest review of my life. Marissa's exhibitionism is something to behold. Her cute bubbly personality really shines in this video as well!

That is so sweet of you to say, thank you so much! :x<3

arrow2ken - Top reviewer Jun 1
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Double kitty action in this Halloween special. Marissa shows off her sexy kitty costume but when she bends over the really kitty is fully exposed. Very light hearted but sexy video for the voyeur crowds.

Thank you. :)

chris1710 - Top reviewer Dec 20
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Marissa looks adorable in her halloween costume as she bobs for apples. Great upskirt and butt shots highlight this video. By the end of the video Marissa finally gets her treat.....and so do we :) Very cute and sexy video.

Aww, hank you so much for this review! <3;)

Video is me at a party setting bobbing for apples and chatting on the couch all with ''treats'' exposed. Very soft core with a lot of lighthearted laughing
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