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Nigerian / Candyland
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HD - CUSTOM    Welcome to summer camp where the camp counselors are just as cliché as the slutty ones in the horror movies, minus the getting slaughtered in the woods part. The half naked hotties- barely watching the students part is more like it. You slide into Head Counselor Honey's office after whispers of her taking a buck nekkid dip in the lake makes its rounds. She's amused by your curiousty but would appreciate your participation. That's when she hits you with a double dog dare to bare, right there in here office. As she sits there with her pretty brown legs kicked up in amusement, your detrou. She stands and starts grabbing her ass, cheeks jiggling left and right. You get on your knees like she tells you to, to enjoy those legs of hers that you like so much. She begins crossing them slowly. Mid-day sun hitting her calf muscles, full lips looking soft and kissable as she licks them. Moaning from the utter pleasure of watching you beat it, her cotton candy voice got that dick even harder. She begins smacking her pussy telling you to stroke it faster.   Now she's standing over you again, spreading those cheeks and booty clapping. Somewhere between her going you ended up cumming, on her floor. It was an utter surprise. She's just getting started and you prejaculate on her floor instead of on her?! Tisk tisk..Managing to follow that snake charming tongue, you manage to get it back up at her command. You're jerking per her instruction at this point. Heavy words lead the way in this clip as she charms your snake with dirty dialogue. She's jiggling cheek to cheek, bouncing left to right. She sure is talented for a camp counselor, Damn. Once she hears knocking at the door, she tells you to wrap it up. Shouldn't be too hard considering she's been for*&ng you to stay hard for the past 10 minutes