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kag715 Nov 23
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Simply amazing how she puts away two plates full of ravioli while looking as hypnotically enticing and juicy and plump as ever in her pink top and jiggly belly.

I've been eating a lot now that my belly has grown so big. i make such a mess in this video!! This fat belly is always hungry and one plate is not enough to fill it. Watch as i indulge in 2 servings of ravioli's. I just love stuffing my greedy fat face and expanding my belly till it hurts from being so tight with fatty food TAGS: bbw, fat, feederism, fatbelly, big ass, blonde, big tits, fat belly, belly rolls, belly play. oil, bellybutton fetish, belly flop, fat rolls, belly jiggles, twerking, beer chug, funneling, burping, belly sounds, wet and messy
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