It's All Mine

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You’d do anything for me. My happiness is your happiness. And right now the one thing that would make me happiest is if you were to take this pill. Just trust me, it’s not anything bad, in fact, it’ll make you feel great. Now sit back and relax. Feel the pill start to take effect. You’ll start to feel a bit light headed, almost like you’re entering a bit of a dream-like state. You might want to nod off but right now I need you to look me in the eye, okay? That pill I gave you has magical powers. That warm feeling you are experiencing? That’s the pill working it’s magic. It’s taking over every single cell in your body and turning you into my puppet. From this point on, whatever I say, you do. You will no longer want to, or even be able to, fuck any other woman. This magical little pill has rendered your dick useless unless you are in my presence. Let’s give it a test, shall we? Take out your cock. See how big and hard it is already? You haven’t even touched yourself and yet it’s dripping and throbbing and aching to be inside me. When I give my command, that is the only time you can stroke, understand? And when I say stop, you must stop. Your cock is completely under my control from here until eternity. I can make this very pleasurable for you, or I can make your life a living hell. Just how much of my twisted game do you think you can stand