Freebie Tuesday

Terra Mizu pees her tight pants intrview



Canadian / Las Vegas
11:07 min - Nov 01 - .MP4 - 257.44 MB - 1280x720 HD


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You're interviewing Terra Mizu & she arrived just in time but didn't have time to use the restrooms! She looks fidgety during the interview but she's clearly qualified so she must measure herself for her uniform. She tries her best & is teetering all over whilte trying to measure herself. She gasps as a slow YELLOW leak pours out of her crotch & trickles down onto her shoes & floor. Super cute behind the scenes as she shows you her CAMELTOE pissy panties. Her pee is VERY yellow is this video and you can clearly see how yellow it is on her pants, even though her pants are tan colored. She took a multivitamin earlier to get it to be such a nice yellow color and was holding for some time as well