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Mistress Ann Sulu's Glove Bitch 1080p



American / Cloud City
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I can barely talk I'm giggling so much. The fact that I have yet another helpless glove bitch trapped in my sticky web makes me full of energy from my own power. That new picture for a profile photo I chose attracts the most desperate glove bitches. I take a pendant and swing it from side to side and say "It's time to fully embrace your existence under the gloves and uniform of mistress Ann Sulu." Giggling takes me over again. You have no choice but to become another of my gloved obedient zombies. Now a mindless acolyte in my gloved hands. Your existence now depends on me the glove mistress. I give a slow countdown on each gloved finger, then remind as caution that anyone who resists the glove mistress will succumb to the plastic bag