Ninja JOI


Talia Mint

11:10 min - Oct 31 - .MP4 - 882.90 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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This fun fantasy will take you to a dangerous world where no one can be trusted. Not even your fаmily. Your own brothеr hires a ninja assassin to murdеr you and take your place. She storms into your bedroom, determined to complete her task but what she finds there shocks and puzzles her. You are so very much... naked! And oh so handsome! Mesmerised by your strong physique and your huge dick, the ninja decides to play with you a little before going through with her job. She tells you that if you can make her cum by just touching yourself in front of her, she would let you live. She sits in front of you and tells you to play with yourself for her while she´s revealing her hot body to you. She commands you to make yourself hard for her and she starts to touch herself too while watching you.  Will you be able to make her orgasm so hard that she´d want to keep you alive? Let´s find out