My body will leave you breathless



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custom made clip*** ***order your's NOW!*** I back for You shopping trip, on your credit card of course and got lots of goodies! Especially these cute high quality Wolfords. As My slave you will buy Me only the very best, and obey My every demand. If I ordered you to put a plastic bag over your head and gasp until you run out of air, you would obey. The only view you will have as you drift away would be My divine delectable legs and feet on stunningly exquisite Wolford pantyhose. Wow such a treat and a purely unique way to go. Soooo let's they hat out shall we now I have all your credit cards. I'm going to secure this plastic bag over your head and fasten with My pantyhose... OMG you're so lucky slave. you're getting dizzy and...NO DON'T FIGHT IT! Become a victim of My stunning beauty, yes that's it, breathless for My body