Slutty New GND Pt3 Sex, BJ, Facial


Carla Cain

Seattle, WA
11:05 min - Nov 01 - .MP4 - 676.24 MB


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Carla has just moved in and is happy to introduce herself to to her neighbor, Don. Her boredom with the neighborhood is cleared when he offers her the chance to become friends, and she is quick to learn the benefits of some alone time with him. Once in his bedroom, he undresses her then lays her down to taste on her sweet pussy, licking it like a treat. After being overwhelmed with the pleasure of the oral, she pleases him back with smooth and deep sucking of his cock. When she's gotten his taste all down her throat, she sensually slides on top of him to ride his cock. It's not long before she's gushing thick white cum, covering his cock with an unbelievable amount of cream. He pulls her to his chest to start driving his dick into her pussy past, deep, and hard. It's clear this is one of the most intense sex sessions she's had. They switch between cowgirl, reversed girl on top, doggy, and a wealth of other positions showing how he keeps her filled up and cumming hard, with close-ups as well. You can even see how his cock fills her up to her belly in missionary! She finishes him off with a sensual blowjob, happy to taste her own pussy off of his cock until he blows his big load down her lips and chin. Cleaning herself off by scooping his comeback into her mouth makes for a fun facial finish, and a good new friendship indeed