Alpha male? Not today! Session 1



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Mind Fuck, Seduction So you are a strong,bossy,manly man that will take no orders from a woman. You are just looking for some stress relief since you work so hard and have so much responsibility. You just want me to tease you and make you feel good, right?!? Ok...... but let me take over your cock in order to make you feel really good. I am sure you are tense so relax and let me guide you. First start stroking slow, don't think too much. Just let go. Watch my body sway and arouse you more and more. At some point i tell you to stop stroking and take your hands off your cock.... WAIT!!! DID YOU JUST DO THAT?! YOU'RE NO ALPHA HONEY! You might be a big boss at work but when you find the right woman you obey! Looks like from here I am the one in charge. You will stroke as I command and cum only when i say NOW. No shame in being bosses around sexually but since you are so successful I deserve some serious spoiling for the excitement I bring with my bitchiness. And is time for you to admit that nothing gets you harder then a bossy bitch. Is ok. Your secret is safe with me