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Masturbate until pee on couch



City of Lust
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Vivian is a very kinky girl who loves to talk dirty. She's sitting on the couch while touching her pussy over her panties, gets so horny and start to jerk off a dildo. She takes her shirt off and shows off her beautiful 36C firm tits and never let go of her pussy, then she turns around, takes her panties off and bends over the couch, fingering her juicy cunt while she sucks the dildo. All the time talking about how horny and desperate to pee she is. Vivi sits down again, legs spread and barefoot on sight. Her pussy takes the dildo deep inside, making her crazy to cum... and to pee! She goes faster and harder until her body can't take anymore, moaning she pees all over the couch while her pussy keeps being pounded by the toy over and over again. At some point, she opens her pussy and lets a nice stream flows before putting the cock-shaped object back in. Everything gets wet: pussy, ass, legs and feet. She licks her fingers and toes in the end. Quality: Full HD 1080p. Lenght: 5m48s