Till Breath Do Us Part


Bae State

American / Bae State
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It's the first night of your honeymoon with Bianca. She hovers over you in a sexy white nightie and you get excited thinking of all the naughty things you'd be doing to her tonight. Little did you know about the things she had planned for you. She crouches down with a mean look in her eyes and tell you she never loved you. She was always looking forward to the day when she could dispose you and she planned tonight to be the night; your last night. She wraps her hands around your throat and teases your death, laughing off your struggle with an evil cackle. You can't move; she has you held down both physically and mentally. Bianca covers your mouth and eyes, teasing you once more and smothers you with her breasts. She wouldn't dare give you the satisfaction of dying under he lovely tits and has an uglier way of k1ll1ng you. Before you have time to think she grabs a plastic shopping bag you never noticed and hold it over your head, holding her hand over for greater measure until the life sucks out of you and everything fades to white as you leave this world