Greedy Little Goth Girl

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After being dressed up and taken out to Trick or Treat on Halloween, this greedy little girl recklessly decides to sneak candy before being told she is allowed..and for that she must be punished. After giving her plugged up bum a good spanking, naughty little Rowena must give up her sugary treats and make you cum... she starts by teasing her clit with her vibrator, and when she's craving to be fucked hard, she stops the vibe and starts sucking on one of her toys. After drooling and dripping all over the dildo and onto her pussy, she takes the cock deep within her, slowly moving it in and out so she doesn't cum too fast.. she adds the vibe back, and it's all too intense, she is so full of sensation. White, creamy, cum starts to seep out from between her lips.. with a little whimper she removes her plug, and fucks herself even harder until she's gushing, and dripping all the way down to her asshole. When this greedy little girl has finally had her fill, she sucks off every last bit of delicious white juice from the dildo..a treat just as sweet as candy