Taboo Brother and Sister Love

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70 5.0
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HypnotizedSwitch01 - Top reviewer May 15
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Thank you VERY much for making this video. Brother/Sister incest is my personal favorite incest of all time, and the fact that your storyline has them having a daughter who wants to participate in their incestous lovemaking makes it even better!

The video opens with my brother showing me my new room. I've come to stay with him after my divorce. Instead of being sad I am so very happy. Finally my brother and I can be together. We can fuck anytime we want. No more sneaking around like we've had to do for years. His only concern is that my daughter has also moved in. I tell him no worries. She is 18 and knows the truth, that he is her father. She is okay with that since she never really got along with my ex anyways. And you will love this part...she wants to join in our family fun!!! She wants to give herself to her daddy/uncle. I know you've fantasized about her. Imagine us both having big baby bellies at the same time