Eternally Enslaved To Vampire Queen

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The vampire queen has you held captive in her clutches. There's no escape for you, now. For years, you've been slaying her kind. But, unbeknownst to you, she's been watching you this entire time, waiting for the right moment to spring upon her prey. And, she plans to show you no mercy. In fact, she has the perfect punishment for you. The curse of immortality. Making you her lowly foot slave for all eternity, doomed to lick the filth from her dirty heels and worship her feet until the end of time, while she laughs diabolically at your pain and humiliation. This is a custom clip order. "It is a POV style video with the following themes - vampire, foot fetish, stockings. The outfit - vampire teeth, dress with sheer stockings & heels (the outfit you wore in Enslaved By Vampiress plus stockings would be perfect). The scenario - For the first minute the focus is on your face as you talk to camera. You are a powerful vampire queen who has finally captured me, a vampire slayer who has been a pain your ass for years k.i.lling your fellow vampires. You have me before you now and you want to gloat over how you will humiliate me. You tell me that you are going to turn me into a vampire under your control so that I have to obey you. You tell me that I will be your slave, but not just any slave - a lowly foot slave. You tell me that I will spend the rest of my life licking your shoes clean and worshipping your feet. You then bite me to turn me (fade to black). You are now seated with your feet on a table, soles up to the camera. The focus is on your feet and your beautiful face in the background. You tell me to lick the soles of your shoes clean and you laugh and humiliate me as I do so, I have no choice but to obey. After 4 or 5 minutes of you laughing and gloating over your new slave, once the shoes are clean you remove them and put your stockinged feet up, and tell me to kiss them. For the last few mins you laugh and humiliate me further, gloating and reminding me that this is what I will be doing for the rest of eternity - licking your shoes and kissing your feet.&quot