I cum for Daddy w/ my socks in my mouth

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529 5.0
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whovian3000 - Top reviewer Nov 5 2017
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I loved how she said she was talking too much and silenced herself in this video. Alice is my favorite on this site

Bobbyoppo - Top reviewer Nov 2 2017
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She looks so cute with her pigtails. There is some nice deepthroating in the beginning followed by some hot toying in her beautiful ass, endìng with her riding the dildo.... another grest addition to my Alice collection. You wont be dissapointed!

I love being a good girl, but I get a bit naughty in this video. I've been sucking my dildo to practice for daddy's cock! Then I shove my socks in my mouth because I'm talking too much and fuck my tight little ass. When I'm done with that, I plug my ass and ride until I cum. With the socks in my mouth the whole time