Freebie Tuesday

Helping you fulfill your cuck fantasy

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This video was amazing. I actually forgot that I was watching a video a few times, because Celestica made the scenario so convincing. As always, the scenes were incredibly sexy, and even with the slightly abrupt end I felt that I had gotten more than I paid for. Exemplary work.

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This is one of my favorite "cuck" type of videos, though it's kinda incomplete, that doesn't really matter when the content we get is already high quality enough. Your personality was made for this. You was really sexy here, I can just feel the sexiness.

Just when you gather enough courage to ask your roommie Celestica out you find her waiting for her date. She laughs at you, AS IF she would go out with you. You realize there is no chance of winning her over, so you succumb to one of your biggest fantasies: watching another man take her in a way you NEVER would. She decides to let you watch her get fucked, enjoying how her mouth gets fucked, her clit gets teased and her pussy filled up with a cock that's much better than you. She enjoys teasing you and making you feel helpless, and you know you love it too. Disclaimer: Video has a bit of an abrupt ending due to filming issues. Still it contains mouth&pussy fucking, edging and orgasms