Yoga Outside Part 1 - Anabelle Pync MP4

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This was a custom and if you would like your own, please email me at AnabellePync at g m a i l dot com <BR><BR> I have a sexy white sports bra and thong on which motivates me to do some yoga poses. Starting in a lotus and breathing deeply, my tan body contorts and bends as I tease you. My ass goes up in the air in a downward dog and the white crotch sneaks a peak between my toned legs. <BR><BR> Planking, you can see my muscles effortlessly support my body. My bare feet alternate between arching and flexing before wrinkling my soles in childspose. My rounded butt emphasizes my curves as I reach down to the floor with straight legs. <BR><BR> Glancing a peak towards you, I squat with my hands behind my head. You love watching my ass round and straighten before going into a warrior pose. Lunging my long legs, I pulse and savor the burning in my legs. <BR><BR> My legs kick straight in the air while I do pushups and you can see the bulge of my calf muscles. The cobra pose relaxes my back before doing an upside backbend. <BR><BR> Breathing deeply, I stretch my neck and finish my workout! <BR><BR> OTHER KEYWORDS- flexibility, outdoors, outside, workout clothes, spandex, strong woman, powerful woman, muscular woman, gymnastics, legs, yoga fetish, barefoot, barefeet, ass fetish, ass worship, leg fetish, bra and panties, bra & panties, Annabelle Pync, @AnabellePync, all natural