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Ok my little wanker, this is your opportunity to cum! Yes, you, and yes, that's right! Today, I'm going to let you cum! But...you only have TWO MINUTES to do it! If you can't cum in 2 minutes, that's it, too bad, game over! You don't get to come AT ALL! Ready? I'm going to start the timer now...ok GO! I wonder if you'll get nervous and not be able to cum because you're under time pressure? Hmm...well, right at the end, I'll show you my pussy! That's right, you'll get to see my pussy, and that should help! But still...only 2 minutes! Well, make that barely over one minute now! Hurry...clock's ticking...do you like my ass? Mmm...I bet you do! And my tits? Hehe :) Uh oh, only 30 seconds left! Well....no pressure...unless you want to cum, that is, hahaha