Freebie Tuesday

Our first anal training

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Emma Gray

3,771 5.0
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Is there any actual pegging in this video?

Budd09Mark Nov 5 2017

Awesome role play! i want it and i want it bad!

ptbobo Nov 22 2017
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Fantastic video. Would love to see more of this type of genre from her.

Budd09Mark Nov 5 2017
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This made me feel like you were inside me! and then maybe it's my imagination i think you came near the end too! Wonderful roleplay, awesome outfit and great cam overall.

You mentioned you want to try something kinky so I strap on my best dominatrix gear and give you something to...loosen you up ;) I may have overdone it because as I suck your cock and finger your ass you get dizzy with pleasure. I stop just in time, but only to instruct you on the next stage of your anal training. You lay on your back, legs spread, and take my cock, but before you can cum I request one more position. I strip down while you get down on your hands and knees. You take a hard pounding until the inevitable release &gt