Peaches in Nylon
Fetish Friday

Confessions Of A....Cum Eater

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So you've been sent to Sister Lucy to confess. Don't worry she's here to help filthy deviants like you find the right path and she does it in her own unique style! Sister Lucy needs to deal out some tough love to help break you of your dirty habit. But don't think you'll just get verbally chastised, oh no this 'punishment' is much more hands on! You will also be required to bring one ice cube tray with you. Sister Lucy is going to use this as a tool for enlightenment. A little confused? Don't worry, it'll all become clear. Now sit back, get comfy and let Sister Lucy help you. Together were going to purge your body and get that devils juice right out of you! INCLUDES: BRITISH MISTRESS, CONFESSIONS, CUM EATING INSTRUCTION, CEI, NUN FETISH, RELIGIOUS, MASTURBATION INSTRUCTIONS, MASTURBATION GAMES , JOI and ROLE PLAY