Paraplegic Wheelchair Diaper JOI Vibe

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A hot blonde is sitting in her wheelchair when she sees that you are in the room. She has on stockings and a nice shirt with a cute skirt, all complimented with her high heels. She starts to talk to you about how she is a paraplegic and has no feeling from the waist down. It used to bother her a lot, but now she is getting used to being numb down there. She sees that you are turned on by the site of her so she goes with it. She tells you to get naked and she does the same. She struggles a bit to get her clothes off as her legs do not work at all, but she manages. It is then revealed that she is wearing a diaper. Again, you think this is hot so she goes with it. She tells you that she can't have an orgasm the way she used to be able to as she feels nothing in her pussy any longer. But, she has learned to cum by stimulation her nipples and she wants to cum for you as you cum for her. She starts to give you some JOI and breaks out her cordless Hitachi vibrator. She shows you how the vibing makes her feel so good and you then suggest she take down her diaper. She uses her arms to let her legs drop off the wheelchair and they thud to the ground fast and hard, seeing her high heels pop off as she does. She then takes the diaper down and shows you with her vibrator how she no longer has any feeling in her pussy area. But, she more than makes up for it with her big tits and her ultra sensitive nipples. She continues on with the JOI and when she sees you are getting ready to cum she encourages you even more. She is soon cumming from the vibrator play on her big tits and you move in close to her stocking covered paraplegic legs to cum on them. She didn't even realize you did, but she loves knowing you did. She then looks down to see that when she was cumming she actually peed in her diaper a bit. Good thing she had it on. She ends by thanking you and you know there will be lots more handicap wheelchair fun to come, especially now that she knows how to use her vibrator on her big tits to get her to cum. Included in this clip: Handicap, Wheelchairs, Diaper, JOI, Paraplegic, Numb, Stockings, High Heels, Useless Legs, Vibrator, Hitachi, Nipple Play, Sensitive Nipples, Big Tits, Blondes