Kayla smoking JOI

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You have yet again joined Kayla for another webcam show. You cannot stay away. You just need your fix of this incredible amazonian Goddess. She is irresistible. Her perfect breast. Her stunning arse. You are obsessed. She has drawn you in. Hooked on her every word and action. But today Kayla has a treat for you. She knows your secret. She knows what you really crave to see. You are just fascinated with watching hot women smoke, aren't you? You fall weak seeing Kayla sit there, cigarette in hand, wishing you could just breath it all in. You just love the way she lights the cigarette placing it between her luscious plum lips, watching as the smoke gently passes between them. That's it stroke your cock as Kayla blows that precious smoke in your face. Keep stroking, your cock getting harder and harder with every breath she takes. Follow her instructions. Do as she says and if you are lucky she may just let you blow your load