Home Wrecker GF JOI Devastate Wife Plan

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207 5.0
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Bigluke45 - Top reviewer Nov 19 2017
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so fucking hot :)

Your girlfriend is in the living room wearing nothing but a skimpy satin nightie. She knows she turns you on and she loves the nasty sex the two of you have. In fact, there is only one thing keeping you two from being happy together all the time, and that is your cunt of a wife. She wants you all to herself and she wants you to leave your wife, but she does not want to be nice about things. She goes into great detail about how she wants to totally tear down your wife's self esteem and how she wants to go about doing it. While she talks to you about it she tells you to jerk off for her. She starts posing and showing you how much better her body is as compared to you fat nasty wife. She slowly undresses as she talks about all the things you two could do to your wife to rip apart her self esteem. You can keep her locked away in the basement and the two of you can train her that she is no good, even turn her into a junkie. She will show her all her body parts and how much better they are and even push her perfect big tits in her face and sit on her face with her perfect bald pussy. She even says she wants to pluck all the hairs form your wife's nasty bush. But she will not stop there. She will then pimp your wife out. She wants your wife to feel more like an object than a person and when your wife cries, your girlfriend will simply take her tears and use them to lube up her cunt and then fuck you good. She continues the smack talk as she poses more, including showing off her tight ass for you. She is extreme yes, but she hates your wife and she wants you all to herself. After all, she is the one who deserves you, not that whore wife of yours. Included in this clip: Home Wrecker, Silk & Satin, Satin Nightie, Girlfriend, Smack Talk, Big Tits, Bald Pussy, Tight Asses, I am Better Than Your Wife, Masturbation Encouragement, Mean Girls, Leave Your Wife, Blondes