Freebie Tuesday

Housemate Lauren strips and gets tied up

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CUSTOM* Starring as the POV's housemate, she hasn't been able to pay her rent for the 3rd straight month. As she likes her housemate and doesn't want him to move out she decides to go drastic and offers to do a sexy strip tease (wearing skintight jeans ad a tight top with no bra on but a G-string) to pay off her debt to him. Once she has done this she decides to negotiate as she actually enjoys being nude and seeing as the housemate has seen her naked now it won't make much different so she then negotiates for him to pay her rent in the future and she offers to be naked around the house when it just the two of them at home. Seeing as the POV still needs an extra bit of motivation (it's a lot of money after all and he has a GF who he can see nude anyway) she finally offers to cook for him and also knowing he enjoys seeing girls tied up she adds the bonus of letting the POV tie her up whenever he wants if she doesn't have to pay rent ever in the future. After a deal is struck she realises she's going to get tied up straight away, it cuts to her now tied up sitting in a chair in the kitchen but instead of trying to escape she's actually really casual and calm and just chatting away to the POV about work/life turns out she works as an estate agent and some loon tied her up the other week... but she admits its growing on her as she finds it relaxing asks if he has tied up his girlfriend yet