Foot Smelling Sole Licking Vinegar Feet

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A sexy blonde is sitting in her bikini top and panties with her feet in the air. She has a guy come on and he starts to immediately rub her feet. She likes this a lot and her feet must smell like vinegar as she loudly proclaims that she is the Vinegar Queen. He seems unfazed by this, but also likely intrigued by her smelly feet. After a bit more rubbing he decides to do some foot smelling. She encourages him with the foot smelling and he inhales deeply. He holds her sexy bare feet in all sorts of positions to get the most out of his foot smelling experience. After a lot of foot smelling he start to lick the soles of her feet. She loves this and again proclaims that she is the Vinegar Queen. He continues to lick her feet and stops now and then to do some more foot smelling. The smell of her vinegar feet with his saliva is so good and he inhales very deeply with lots of pleasure seen on his face. After some more foot smelling and foot licking, she is pleased with his efforts. She tells him she knows he loves her vintage feet and there is no disagreement on his part. He walks off and she has a look of satisfaction that only the Vinegar Queen could have. Included in this clip: Foot Smelling, Foot Licking, Soles, Barefoot, Bare Feet, Foot Worship, Foot Fetish, Sniffing Feet, Vinegar Feet, Smelly Feet, Bikini, Panty Fetish, Blondes