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Let's be honest, Jane is one of the less talented players on your volleyball team. And as the coach, you get to make the decision who gets to go volleyball camp. Jane wasn't even close to the top of your list, but she's here in your office hoping to make a good case for you to not only send her to camp but to make her captain of the team. Truth be told, Jane can be very convincing when there is something she sets her mind to. And in this case, she pulls out all the stops. In no time, she has your cock out in the open and starts licking it and stuffing it all the way in the back of her mouth. After you cum in the back of her throat, Jane has you lay down on the couch where she spends some more quality time licking and sucking your cock. If she's as fierce on the volleyball court as she is sucking your cock, she would make a great captain