Babysitter's Revenge


Jenna St James

American / Las Vegas
10:32 min - Nov 01 - .MP4 - 655.69 MB - 1620x1080 HD


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You know- you're so cliche for screwing the babysitter, but you just couldn't help yourself, could you? After watching me prance around the house in hardly anything at times... Seeing me bend over in short skirts and no panties every time your wife turns away... How lucky you were to become involved with someone like me. And your undeserving ass only had ONE simple rule- no screwing your wife! But, you did it anyway. And the worst part is, you didn't even WANT to screw her! But knowing that she would take you for literally everything you're worth in a divorce, you went against your better judgment and stuck it in, didn't you? Regardless, I don't feel bad for you in the slightest. Now you're going to lose A LOT more than your house and your savings... You're going to lose your cock. Have fun explaining to your wife how you ended up tied to the bed, cockless