Farting - Giantess Alice Frost Masturbat


kelsey obsession

American / California
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Farting - Giantess Alice Frost Masturbates With Her Fart Eater *FAN SUBMISSION* Alice Frost is excited about her new purchase from the sex shop, a tiny man made to insert into her anus to eat up her farts. Alice gets terrible gas, especially when she masturbates, and she’s tired of being f*rced to inhale her own farts. She quickly strips and places her new toy in her asshole, hand finding her clit. Alice’s fart eater needs a little bit of training, but Alice quickly puts him in his place. She reminds this gas guzzler his only duty in life now is to suck fart after fart from her rectum, keeping her masturbation sessions stink-free… well, to Alice, anyway