Schoolgirl Sissy Bully


Jenna St James

American / Las Vegas
7:42 min - Nov 02 - .MP4 - 557.52 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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What are you doing here, loser? Class is over. Oh wait, let me guess... You got detention for jerking off to me in class again- You're so predictable. You know, perv, if you're going to be so pathetic and stare at me the way you do, you need to pay up. I know you're just a wimp, but your Daddy has money, doesn't he? I'll be requiring his credit card on top of your tuition from now on, and OH, the keys to his beach house! Maybe I'll have a party and invite all of my hot friends over, but ew, you can't come. A few hours later...arriving to the beach house, I had a change of heart though. I invited the professor over instead. He has such a HUGE BBC! One I bet even a "straight guy" like you would worship. We should really put my theory to the test. You know you want to, you little fag boy. The only way you're invited is if you get over here and suck this cock, sissy. Of course you'll do it, too, you're SO desperate for me. See you soon