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Farting - Slvmber Party 69 With Savana G


kelsey obsession

American / California
6:42 min - Nov 18 - .MP4 - 293.36 MB


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Farting - Slvmber Party 69 With Savana Ginger A game of Truth Or Dare gets very out of control when Savana asks me if I've ever farted on a guy. What we discover is that even though girls aren't supposed to fart, we both love farting on each other! I believe that if you're going down on someone you should enjoy everything that 's down there, so I start eating Savana's pussy while inhaling her farts! We end up in a gassy 69, stinking up the room while we lick up the pussy juices! Truth or dare can be so much fun with a friend... especially if they love farts