Farting - Toilet Contest With Londyn Tay


kelsey obsession

American / California
4:02 min - Nov 18 - .MP4 - 176.30 MB


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Farting - Toilet Contest With Londyn Taylor Me and Londyn have a lot of nasty secrets. But it's hard to find a naughtier one than how we like to go in the bathroom every morning and have a contest with our farts! Each of us straddles the porcelain to see who can fart the longest, the loudest, the nastiest, and especially the stinkiest! I really need to break Londyn's winning streak. Something about that girl just stinks up the whole bathroom! But you're the real winner, hearing our deep, crackling, gurgling flatulence reverberate off the porcelain! Our farts are so horrible and so sexy at the same time, it's easy to see why we return every morning to challenge each other's bowels again and again