Redhead spies on shower sex pt.1


Savannah Fox

American / Las Vegas
13:38 min - Nov 02 - .MP4 - 959.61 MB


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Lauren Phillips was traveling and needed a place to stay. Savannah and Mr.Fox generously offered to let her stay at their place. As shes getting ready for bed Lauren decides she needs to rub one out before bed. But when she goes to grab her vibrator from her suitcase, its nowhere to be found! Guess she will just have to do it the old fashioned way. After she climbs back into to bed she starts touching her pretty kitty. After a few attempts of playing with her pretty pink pussy she gets frustrated. Then, she starts to hear a distant noise. Climbing out of bed to investigate she realizes she can hear little moans. She ventures into the hallway and they grow louder. She stealthily moves through the house until she arrives at the foxes bedroom door. Finding it open slightly, she lets herself in and peaks around the corner. To her delight she can see Mr and Mrs Fox fucking in the shower! She hides behind the corner sneaking glances at the hot couple. She cant help herself as she slips a finger into her dripping cunt. Now this is more like it, live porn right in front of her. Mr.Fox starts pounding away at the Mrs and it gets Lauren so hot! As she leans back to climax... but she gets caught! As the foxes call out to whose there? Lauren has to reveal herself as the peeping pervert. Mr and Mrs Fox are happy to oblige the horny little peeping slut and invite her into the shower. The couple plays with her, kissing and smacking her huge tits and ass. They eat her pussy and make her suck his dick before moving the threesome out of the shower