Your Dad Does It Better

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I figure it’s time I come clean about something. I mean, your mother already knows and I know it won’t be long before the news gets back to you and I’d much rather you hear it from me. Well, remember last Christmas when your dad and I went missing for an hour? We weren’t out back like we’d said, we were quietly fucking in the downstairs bathroom while the rest of the family was getting ready for dinner. And I really hate to admit this but honestly, your dad is a much better lay than you are. I’m honestly kind of confused where your crappy genetics come from. He’s so well hung and has amazing stamina for a man of his age, meanwhile you’re hung like a gnat and I’m lucky if I can get more than two minutes of action out of you. I know you don’t really wanna hear all the details of our little tryst but too damn bad because I’m gonna give them to you. Bet you can’t guess how many times he made me cum! Too be honest, I couldn’t tell you either since I lost count after the fifth or sixth time. He even stuffed my panties in my mouth at one point because he had me moaning so loudly. When’s the last time you ever did that to me? So that’s the dirt. We’re not running off to be together or anything like that but really, maybe you need to have a talk with your father and see if he can give you any good sex tips otherwise I’m gonna be forc ed to keep fucking him for my own sexual satisfaction