Mouth Fetish - Mouth Tour with Sindell A


kelsey obsession

American / California
4:27 min - Dec 02 - .MP4 - 194.81 MB


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Mouth Fetish - Mouth Tour with Sindell Angel Sindell Angel is opening wide and saying, Ahhhh in this highly tantalizing mouth tour. Have you ever seen a girls tongue so long and wide? As she applies a flesh-tone sheer lipgloss, her full lips look oh so kissable, but I want to see inside. When we peek all the way inside her mouth, we see a uvula looking like a tiny, pretty pink ball thats close enough to touch. The shiny roof of her mouth is on full display, and I marvel at her tongue control. When she lifts that tongue, I can see all the little blue veins inside. Sindell certainly has a mouth worth exploring, and I know youll enjoy the look into one of the most intimate places on this enchanting ebonys body