Biting and devouring a gummy octopus



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No gummy can resist my teeth power. I am such a sweet-toothed chick that I need my daily candy portion as I need air to breath. I know every single gummy on Earth... so far. Today somebody new dared to show up before my eyes, and before my mouth, which is even more dangerous! What are my eyes seeing? Is that a gummy octopus?? Wow!! Yummy!!! I have never seen it before. I guess it doesn´t know who it is dealing with. It has no idea my teeth are probably the most feared on Earth, and they are merciless with sweeties like it. So it happens what its fate had determined before: it ends up inside of my mouth. My teeth start the excellent feast at the expense of the poor gummy octopus. To be truthful, it is extremely tempting because of its atractive colours and its eight delicioys legs. My indatiable incisors start cutting its legs off, no mercy. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5..... 8 legs! All of them are bitten off a mouthful and then smashed by my strong molars. My tongue savours its flavour slowly and my spit wraps its rests to make a kind of sticky paste which wanders throughout my mouth and makes my tongue blue! Then, it is swallowed away and deep into my throat. Bye, bye, gummy octopus! This seems not to be your habitat, I guess. ... Who is next? YOU WILL LIKE IT IF: you don´t have eight legs, but three longer ones :-P HIGHLIGHTED: a wonderful close-up sequence of the prey being gobbled down by its predator teeth, like a National Geographic documentary. INDULGE YOURSELF, BUY ME NOW