Octobers Ovations

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American / Dorne
56 5.0
38:30 min - Nov 02 - .MP4 - 1.70 GB


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peecee2 - Top reviewer Nov 7
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Relaxing and full of teases -- as an example, from 5:10 there's a strip and change, bum wiggling, cute Batgirl shirt and shorts, then a standing tease/spreading and clit rubbing, all in sequence. Later there's a floaty dress tease, panties modelled, and lots of posing with jeans or leggings slipped tantalisingly partway down. It's a very candid way of performing that's as far as it's possible to get from studio content, and particularly worth spending time winding down with. :)

98 pictures and 43 clips, music has been overlaid in some places; nothing but moaning and wetness in others
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