Peaches in Nylon
Fetish Friday

Rip my nightgown into pieces, I get wet



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I feel a bit shame of my satin long dressing gown, it gave me very exciting moments throughout my life... I have waited for my lover with the gown and my black stilettos on at my door, putting some red lipstick like a real femme fatale, I have challenged my subs to not cumming, I have flirted and let him glimpse my curved body under it... but feeling the gown torn in my hands is worth it. I will give it the end it deserves, I will rip it into pieces and hear the stimulating sound of the ripping fabric to get my so wet. I feel strong and powerful when tearing my clothes, I let my energy come out and it is a kind of pleasant relief. Mmmmmmm... my satin dressing gown is so silky and smooth, I love feeling it weaker as I rip it into peaces. I love its touch, it makes me so horny, and it makes you, too. You love watching a pretty girl like me destroying this sexy long dressing gown, my dominating skills drive you crazy. Look at my expressive face, look how I terminate its life, first I rip it into two halves, then one sleeve, next the other one, I can´t stop ripping it all sides now. You are so hard, baby, join me and let´s get fun together until my dressin gown is nothing but a good memory. YOU WILL LIKE IT IF: you want to share this special moment with me. HIGHLIGHTED: my sexy and cute pink dressing gown I am wearing... will it be the next one? INDULGE YOURSELF, BUY ME NOW