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The Invisible Man

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Mexican / USA
3,091 5.0
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ramarast7 - Top reviewer Dec 23
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Whether it's in a thong or in yoga pants or leggings it is AMAZING.

The scene was a good scene I liked it

I like the fact that he bust a nut while you were wearing your leggings that was nice

Overall good scene

This was a custom video here is the script I followed...The sister-in-law is in the house alone. She thinks she's alone but she isn't. Her brother-in-law drank a pill that makes him invisible for 2 hours. The scene starts with you trying on a thong(The camera is looking at your butt for a few seconds as you try on the thong but please spread your butt and wiggle it a little bit) You decide take it off and not use any panties and put on the some black leggings. You start cleaning and get on your knees to get something and that's when your brother-in-law sticks his dick in your mouth. You go along with it. You go to the kitchen and as soon as you walk in the kitchen you get his cock in your mouth. You walk over to the sink and your brother-in-law likes it so much he decides on busting his nut all her your butt with those black leggings on. He cums on you and this time you turn around and with a finger touch the cum. Hmmm(taste the cum and say, "when did this happen?&quot